Modernize Your E-Commerce Platform and Grow Your Reach

We’ve designed solutions catered to the needs of digital natives. Make it easy for consultants and influencers to join your programs and represent your brand with the MW2 Direct Solutions.

Virtual Influencers

Better e-Commerce

Deliver a rewarding opportunity for new recruits to help get the word out about your brand.

Mobile e-commerce

Reach Niche Markets

Attract new customers who are genuinely interested in what you have to to offer.

Money Plant

Grow your Business

The MW2 Direct solutions give your organization the tools to grow your business.

Social Selling

With the MW2 Direct™: Social Selling Affiliate & Influencer solution, provide social sellers the ability to track earnings, referrals, and control payouts; all in a simple to use, mobile-optimized dashboard.

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MW2 Direct - Social Selling
MW2 Direct - Direct Selling

Direct Selling

Designed specifically with direct selling in mind, MW2's Direct Selling/MLM Model Suite offers key features to give your sales team everything they need to create and nurture a thriving client base. From scheduling virtual parties to making the sale, we give your sales consultants the user-friendly features they need to grow their business.

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