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Youngevity sought to bring the modern luxuries of e-commerce into a cohesive direct selling experience.

Youngevity Consultants Growing their Business and Networking

What they needed

An e-commerce experience that their consultants would love

Youngevity is an international direct selling business in the health and wellness space. They needed to improve their current magento experience, and streamline that across multiple markets.

MW2 Direct Whitelabelled Experience Design

What We Did

MW2 Direct Expertise, Research, Planning, and Execution

We provided an audit of their existing website, and helped identify areas of improvement in their e-commerce experience. We provided design enhancements to assist with ADA compliance and legibility initiatives. Improved brand adherance in web, as well as design, development, testing, and launch of custom solutions that would satisfy their consultants -- all while leveraging Youngevity's unique business model and needs.

Successful Results

Regular ongoing releases, improved performance, and positive consultant feedback.

Complete release planning: From requirements documentation, to design and implementation, to QA and Release. We provided end-to-end collaboration with their team to execute their transformational goals.

Custom Autoship Dashboard

Created to better support international engagement, even from markets where wifi is not widely available to all users.


A solution which can be implemented in different languages, currencies, and markets with our scalable framework.


Ability to implement custom requirements per market, and launch regular, stable, releases.

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